October 7, 2020

3 Best Portable Automatic Air Tyre Inflator India 2021

3 Best Portable Automatic Air Tyre Inflator India 2021

Flat tyre is the worst thing happened while you are in a mid of a journey and there is no nearby shop, in this case these portable tyre inflators are very use full. Not only this case, these inflators are very helpful in, maintaining recommended air in your tyre, you don’t need to go to anywhere.

There are so many options in the market that will easily let you confuse, so after using it personally & reading reviews & ratings we have found the best & most affordable Portable tyre inflator.


 How to use Tyre Inflator Guide

Many people have question that how to use a tyre inflator, is it hard, well its very easy to use there is no rocket science, even a small child can use it, here is the process:


 How to use Tyre Inflator Guide

1) Firstly start your car, these device will work when your cars ignition is on.


2) The third step is to plug the its chord into power socket or cigarette lighter of your car,(where we use to plug the mobile charger)


3) Fix the nozzle on the tyre, where we fill the air, note the pressure of tyre on the analogue or digital display of your device


4) Set the PSI on the device, for example air in your tyre is 26 and you want to fill it till 33, then fix the PSI level 33 in the device


5) And then switch on the button on the device, it will start filling air automatically6)


6) After it reaches the pre-set PSI value, it will turn of automatically


7) Unplug the nozzle carefully and unplug the cord wire and store it away.


8) Few minutes later, your tyre will be back to normal and ready for a drive it



Best Portable Automatic Air Tyre Inflator India 2021


1)  AmazonBasics  Portable Digital Tyre Inflator I BUY ON AMAZON


  • Its Compact 12-volt portable tyre inflator for filling air to tyres
  • It has 10-foot power cord reaches all tyres easily
  • Use it to fill air in tyres of scooters, motorcycles and cars
  • Comes with Digital Gauge with Auto Shut Off feature
  • It has a Built-in LED which you can use dim or no light areas like highway.
  • Also comes with a carrying case



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2) Bergmann Typhoon Metal  Car Inflator I BUY ON AMAZON


  • Most strongest and most durable tyre inflator in list and that’s why it is on the second position
  • It is made of full metal material that can radiate heat better & produce lower noise and vibrations.
  • Ii is 150W heavy-duty, inflator made 100% pure copper core motor that will give superfast inflation.
  • Comes with analogue gauge, that will last long compare to digital one
  • 3 meter long power cord, easily all the 4 tyres .
  • Also comes built in LED light used in no light situation.



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3) Windek RCP AL1E  1902 Digital Tyre Inflator I BUY ON AMAZON


  • Company claim that it has very powerful compressor
  • The Auto shut off feature make it safe because reaching the desired tyre pressure it will auto cut
  • Small in size and light in weight, make it very easy to carry anywhere
  • Very good option if you are buying it for personal use, it will save your lot of Time.
  • Also has digital, so it is easily readable.
  • Overall, it is made up of good material, fill tyres fast within 3-5 minutes, best for emergency




Best Digital Tyre Gauge

These Inflator are very good, but many have a problem not showing accurate air pressure in future, To avoid this, will recommend you Michelin MN-4203 Digital Tyre Gauge


Best Digital Tyre Gauge

It has large display, and its more accurate then the analog display, it can measure pressure in KPI, PSI, Bar.

It can also check the depth of the Tyre.

Buy from Amazon


Advantages of Portable Automatic Tyre Inflator


There are many benefits of having Portable Automatic Tyre Inflator at home, below are the advantages if you own the best portable tyre inflator:


  1. The car or bike will gives you the great average (mileage), when tyre’s air is maintained.
  2. The health of the tyre will last long if it is properly inflated, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on tyres maintenance in future.
  3. Car tyres with proper condition lead to smooth trips.
  4. Car tyre will always perform in harsh weather conditions & roads in India when it’s properly inflated.
  5. Tyre Inflator are very easy to use, just attach it with your tyre & switch on the button of the inflator, it will star working.
  6. Almost all modern tyre inflators include auto-shut off features, & that’s why these devices are and no complex technical knowledge required to use it.
  7. These Inflators are very durable, trust worthy, fast light wait & obviously portable.
  8. Tyre inflators are very useful in case of puncture also you can fill the air on temporary basis & take your vehicle to the nearest puncture shop.
  9. Car inflator will save your lot of time, money & energy.



Tyre Inflator Buying Guide – Thing to consider before buying a Tyre Inflator


1.Pressure Gauge

There are 2 types of pressure gauge, namely analogue & digital

Analog Pressure Gauges – It is just like our analogue watch, a pointer pointing towards the points, it is little difficult to read if you have eye problem, as the numbers are very small

Digital Pressure Gauges – It is like our digital watch, the number will get display on the LED screen. It is very easy to read, most new tyre inflators comes with digital display.

2. Speed

The speed is one of the most important thing to consider before you buy the inflator, Inflator speed means is the speed at which the it filling the air in the tyre, the fast speed inflator will save your lot of time.

3. Automatic Shut-Off

One of our most common mistake is we over inflate the tyre, to avoid this issue modern inflators came with the auto shut off feature where you manually set the PSI limit, & once it reach that limit the inflator will automatically turned off, always buy a inflator with auto shut off feature

4. Cord Length or Hose

One of the most important factor before purchasing inflator, the cord length or the pipe length, the cord should be big enough the reach all 4 tyres without moving the inflator.


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