September 25, 2020

5 Best Bicycle Pump in India 2021

5 Best Bicycle Pump in India 2021

Bicycle Pump Buying Guide 

As you have read earlier, air pumps are one of the basic and mandatory items you should have in your home as it save lot of your time & money over the period.

Important points you should consider before buying a bicycle pump:


The very first thing you should consider is the quality of  pump, low quality material  will cost less but won’t survive for long, so avoid pump made of cheap quality plastic.

A quality pump can easily survive for more than 10 years.


Always check for PSI of an air pump before buying it, PSI is unit of pressure in simple language the pressure at which you are pumping the air in the tyre.

Generally Indian Cycle tyre should be pumped between 80 PSI to 120 PSI, so you don’t need a pump that has 260 psi, buy what you actually need.


Having a gauge is important when buying a bike pump as they detect that how much air is in the tyre & then you can calculate how much more is needed. They are the most trusted accessory when you fill air in your tyre with accuracy. Very few air pumps include gauge, but if you are buying an air pump of more then 700 rupees  then you should look for a gauge in your pump whether its digital or analog, you can easily find them online.

The pump head and valve types

If you are buying a air pump considering that you use that in your car & bike, then you need to check for the type of valve. Some new Air Pumps are coming with the slots then can fit your Bike & car valve, if not then you need to buy a extra pin.

These pins are very cheap in price you can easily get from any automobile shop.


5 Best Bicycle Pump in India 2021


1. Dayalu Portable  Bicycle Air Pump I BUY ON  AMAZON


Dayalu Portable  Bicycle Air Pump



  • Dayalu Portable  Bicycle Pump  is topping  the list of Best Bicycle Pump in India.
  • This air pump is made of aluminum alloy tube, firm plastic base that will last for many years.
  • It is very light weight & work efficiently, you can easily take it anywhere single handily
  • You can easily operate it by pressing your foot you just attach the pump to your bike tire and lock the lever tightly, & it will start filling air.
  • It has 2 different type of head, for different type pin, so that you don’t have to switch or purchase separate pin
  • Standard Material: Imported Aluminum Piston, Iron Base Frame. With Two in one Valves, high pressure accurate gauge




2. Betzila Portable Double Cylinder Foot Air Pump I BUY ON  AMAZON



Betzila Portable Double Cylinder Foot Air Pump


  • This is Second in the list of  Best Bicycle Pump in India because- 
  • This a portable high-pressure foot air pump, can see the air pressure in real time when inflating, avoid excessive bursting of inflation.
  • The bicycle air pump has a compact foldable design, and the built-in safety pedal locking clip.
  • It has double cylinder, that can give more air pressure& less leaking
  • Because it has double cylinder it is very easy to pump nit much pressure needed
  • Easily fill air in car, bike cycle, scooter or any ball very easily.
  • It is compact in size, easily stored in any corner of house or you can put in your car while travelling.




3. F-BOXER Inflatable  Air Pump I BUY ON  AMAZON




  • Newly designed valve head can easily switch between Presta and Schrader valves and without any air leaks. No more reverse
  • Maximum Pressure 160 psi. The extra-long hose with 360 degree pivot will make your pumping easier.
  • Aluminum barrel with ergonomically designed comfortable handle
  • It is stable & durable and will work for decades
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Air Pump, Free Ball Needle ,Free Toys Inflation Cone




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4. Birud® Aluminum Alloy  Bicycle Air Pump I BUY ON  AMAZON



  • With sturdy aluminum alloy tube, firm plastic base and durable pump head, provides you with lasting use.
  • Light weight, with the great performance, it’s convenient for you to carry around,
  • Dual Pump Head no need to switch again and again, suitable for many different kinds of bikes, very practical!
  • Foot operated air pump, you just attach the pump to your bike tire and lock the lever tightly, effortless to fill air.
  • With a reasonably accurate gauge, you can easily detect the air pressure & avoid insufficient air or puncture.




5. Raj Olympus Heavy Duty High Pressure Air Pump I BUY ON  AMAZON


Raj Olympus Heavy Duty High Pressure Air Pump

  • This is a old school type air pump, but they are very very strong
  • I am personally having this type air pump, my Dada ji had purchased it around 25 years ago & we are still using it
  • You can fills air In Cars, Bikes, Cycles, Sports Balls or anything like this
  • Made of very high quality materials and components, so you can use it for decades
  • Tested to ensure quality & comes with accurate gauge
  • Recommended for persons more then 14 years of age, as it require some power to press



Advantages of  having Bicycle Pumps in India

Bicycle pumps are one of the most important accessory if you have a cycle  . If you own a bicycle, then you have to go outside to fill the air in your cycle tyre, if you own a cycle pump then you don’t have to go outside & save your money.

If you own a cycle for your child, and there air shop near your home, it is very important to own a cycle pump, it is very important for your child safety because of these reasons it is very strongly advised that you should own a small air pump.

A fully aired tyre helps cycle to run smoothly & faster and make your ride an enjoyable ride. Also, a flat tyre or puncture could ruin your mood. So it is very important to have a well-pumped tyre because cycle tyre puncture very frequently on Indian road.

The following are the advantages of Bicycle Pumps :

  1. They are not electrical & you have to give little pressure to generate air, so they are very reliable
  2. They are small in size doesn’t require much space.
  3. Even a child can easily use it.
  4. You can also them to fill you football or basketball air
  5. They are very safe
  6. You can also use them to fill your scooter or bikes air
  7. All cycle pumps are very durable
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