June 15, 2021

5 best yoga mat carry bag India 2021

5 best yoga mat carry bag India 2021


Yoga has been practiced through centuries to attain balance and spirituality. With its deep roots in India from where it is spread, yoga is quite economical and have a feel of endurance. To get started with yoga all you need is a yoga mat and a yoga mat carrier!

Do you need a yoga mat bag ?


Do you need a yoga mat bag

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro you always need a proper gear for Yoga. The most common ad important tools of YOGA are straps mat and towel. But taking these things along with you is a hassle. To make avoid this effort a yoga mat carry bag is the perfect solution.


The main advantage of a yoga bag is that you can load all your accessories in it. Just think for a while carrying all your yoga stuff without it, then you’ll feel its importance. If you’re a traveler then its not less then a gem for you.

Keep it clean

After using mat you can store it into bag, it will protect it from from outside dust also you can store yoga belt or yoga blocks or any other yoga accessory in it

Style Statement

If you’re a person who always needs to look sleeker with a signature style statement then a yoga mat carry bag is what you need now. There are many printed stylish yoga mat bags that looks very pretty


Care is better than cure. To make your things more secure you need external cases or covers. A yoga mat carry bag not only fits your yoga essentials but also saves them from external weather conditions. Just is use the good quality material


5 Best yoga mat carry bag available online India

Looking at these benefits you must be off to getting a yoga mat. While you run to buy a yoga mat do not forget to get a good yoga mat carry bag for it’s protection.


1. Strauss yoga mat carry bag full Zip | Check on Amazon

yoga mat carry bag full Zip


This yoga mat carry bag is a versatile option for all generations for adults to old people. Its display has dots on it that have been in fashion for a long time. Being a young teenager or any one with good fashion sense you are bound to love it. It has dimensions of 28-inch length and 6.5-inch width. It’s big enough to carry all ranges and sizes of mat. The material used is not only good for easily carrying the mat but also good for protection.



  • Thick material will last longer
  • Stylish to carry around
  • Straps are long enough.
  • Its ultimate slim shape makes it Portable enough.



  • Not for people who prefer simpler styles



2. Sports Fuel Yoga Mat Cover | Check on Amazon

water proof yoga mat cover


This sleek and simple design yoga mat carry bag is one to look out for. Any person who is sporty can even utilize it for their other equipment as well. Its size is big enough to fit any enormous sports equipment in it. The elastic support is also one which will keep you stable. Most important feature is the material used in making the yoga mat carry bag. The material is tear and wear free.



  • Simple and sleek design
  • Almost water proof for in rains
  • An external pocket for routine stuff.
  • Long lasting support
  • Resistant from Tearing and wearing



  • Might be too simple to look at for few people




3.  Anekaant printed yoga mat bag | Check on Amazon


printed yoga mat bag


This yoga mat carry bag has dimensions 72.5 by 17.5 by 17.5 Cm and is really big. To start with its display, it has a really impressive design and would be eye catching. The material used is “canvas” giving it a bright texture. The straps used are quite strong and elastic so you can carry them anywhere anytime. If you’re looking for yoga mat carry bag with a fair price then it must be in your Wishlist. Though it is a luxury product but from others in the market it’s economical.



  • Economical
  • It has patterned inner linings
  • A single should trap gives it a stylish look
  • Design is complementing our Indian culture


  • Only one design is available in this contrast.




4. Sports Fuel bag for yoga mat | Check on Amazon

yoga mat bag with pocket


The yoga mat carry bag is quite simple and is for professionals. It is not available in various multiple colors to choose from. On the bright side it is made from non-woven polypropylene material. Meaning be it rain or shine you can be assured that your yoga mat will be safe. Polypropylene will make sure that your yoga mat is dust and water free. So now carrying a yoga mat has never been easier and safer than before.



  • Non Woven propylene bag
  • Sweat free and waterproof
  • Thick and strong material


  • Limited Color to select from




5. NETTIE yoga mat carry bag | Check on Amazon


This cotton colored  yoga bag is the cheapest from the rest of the yoga mat carry bags out in the market. It has a different feature of drawstring rope which is easy to use. Cotton candy color could be one that will look cute but is not easy to pull off. This color though appealing to the eyes could be trouble for few. As it will be prone to dust and dirt easily.



  • Cheapest yoga mat carry bag out there
  • Drawstring rope for closure
  • Double stitched from base



  • Light color is most like to to get dirty faster




How do you store a yoga mat?


Storing your yoga mat in a proper manner will enable it to prolong it’s life. Always roll yoga mat never fold it there are high chances of tear, after rolling there are two storage options to choose.

  • You can use storage baskets if you have numerous yoga mats.
  • For carrying yoga mats around, yoga mat carry bags are more of a suitable option to grab



Keeping your yoga mat clean

Since you’ll be using your yoga mat a lot especially when you sweat it needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise you will face skin itching or any allergies can harm your skin. Specially in this time of covid always try to use sanitizer spray first then do your asana or yoga.



Final words

So after having read all the best yoga mat carry bags out there from my range I’m sure you must be ready to get one yourself. Stop wandering on different websites and say hello to a healthier life with one these stylish yoga mat carry bags!



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