July 5, 2021

5 best yoga mat strap holder India 2021

5 best yoga mat strap holder India 2021

You can’t confine your yogic lifestyle to your home or studio! You know it, and you also know that you can’t afford to take your yoga mat everywhere you go without a convenient yoga mat carrying strap. It’s a must –especially when you crave beautiful sights as your yoga ambiance.

But if your yoga mat only travels between your home and studio five times a week, you may have concerns about the purchase. Investing in a yoga mat carrying strap is far from a mindless purchase decision.

For once, it makes the thought of carrying a yoga mat out of your door bearable.

Secondly, it keeps your mat aired. Now, you can enjoy the fragrant feel of yoga without fighting your mat’s odor.
And then, don’t forget the support it can give you in your yoga postures if you’ve got the right product. But make sure that it’s sturdy as well as durable.


5 best yoga mat strap holder available online in India


1. WISELIFE sling belt for carrying & holding yoga mat | Check on Amazon

sling belt for carrying & holding yoga mat


The first feature you will notice about this yoga mat strap holder is how easy it is to wrap it around your mat and enclose the latter. All you have to do is wrap it on both ends of the mat and then pull the strap from the middle to get it ready. If you are wary of your yoga belt with buckle, then you would love this piece. Also no more need to learn the use of d-rings!

Secondly, you will admire its lightness on your shoulders. They are wide. So you don’t feel pressure on your shoulders from rolled-up mat straps.

Still, you don’t lose out on style. Sure, the mat is minimalist and keeps its focus on comfort. But it never said it ignored style in favor of ease. 100% cotton carries a classic pattern of black and blue, making this strap pretty.

With every wash, your love for this yoga strap holder will increase. Yes, it’s easy to be washed in a machine or with hands.
And don’t forget the durability that comes with 100% cotton fabric.

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2. IndianYardsTM Macrame Boho yoga mat carrying strap | Check on Amazon

handcrafted yoga mat carrying strap

organic cotton yoga carrying strap


When your style is your foremost choice, you go traditional. If not, you should go with this perfect combo of traditional design and ease.
Its design’s most prominent quality can prompt you to forget that designer yoga mat bag you are recently eyeing.

The environment-conscious brand takes recycled, 3-ply twisted cotton cord and empowers the women of Nilgiris mountains to weave into enhancing pattern of mat strap. At the same time, the locking ring takes maple wood for its formation.

This particular product has a light brown color. But you can also get it in two other colors to suit your yoga mat. Only using this luxurious strap will show you how easy it is to use. All you have to do is pull the strap from the ring to wrap it around the mat.

Washing is easy, and the strength it carries because of its woven design makes it durable than even plastic options available in the market.

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3. Strauss strap for holding mat | Check on Amazon

Strauss strap for holding mat


What’s the highlight of this mat strap? It’s its minimalist design. The lightweight makes it even easier for you to carry it on your shoulders.
And you can get it in three adorable colors, including black, blue, and purple. Again, this strap is easy to tie and extremely portable.

One remarkable feature of this minimalist strap is its durability. This strength allows you to switch between using this bag as a mat strap or as a yoga strap. Let’s keep those stretches deep!

It will accompany you for years without much maintenance and an easy cleaning process. Once it’s time to say goodbye, know that your strap will not be harming Mother Earth because of its biodegradable components.

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4. BOSTER yoga mat strap for carrying | Check on Amazon

BOSTER yoga mat strap for carrying

yoga holding strap


This non-conventional yoga mat carrying strap comes in a red and black combination. Made of vinyl, this easy-to-wrap strap is the product you will love most in your home-to-studio journey.

So it’s minimalist and light pressure on your shoulder. The elastic loop eliminates the need for tightening the strap to fit the mat. It can carry mats that are between 4 and 13 millimeters thick.

Besides its highlights of eye-catching design and ease of use, this yoga mat strap holder offers many standard features. For example, it is easy to wash and keeps the mat perfect aerated and free from bugs.

For those yogis who cherish the origin of yoga from India, this yoga mat strap holder offers emotional satisfaction as it is designed, produced, and packaged in India by a company that has its roots in the country.

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5. Yoga Mat carrying belt | Check on Amazon


For those of you who want the most durable solution, which is also elastic and comfortable, this yoga strap holder is the perfect answer. It comes in a variety of colors, making it suitable for different users and their unique personalities.

The best things are its strength and – not-to-forget – elasticity. Both these qualities make the product a two-in-one solution for your yoga journey. First, you can use it to carry your yoga mat from home to the studio. Secondly, you can use it to support your yoga stretches.
This easy-to-wash strap is going to stay with you for years.

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If you yoga bags to carry your mats then must go for designer yoga mat bag that looks stylish  & fashionable and protect your mat from outside dust



Yoga FAQ


How to tie a yoga mat strap ?

how to tie a yoga mat strap

  1. Put the loop over 1 end of the mar
  2. Tighten the loop
  3. Do the same thing  for the other end
  4. Complete and ready to go


How to Carry Yoga Mat without Strap?

Before you ask how to go without a yoga mat carrying strap, ask if you can go without it. The answer will be, ‘Yes, of course. But you will experience some discomforts.

Here are two alternatives to a mat strap. First, you should roll the mat and carry it in your hands. This will keep one of your hands occupied as long as you’re carrying the mat.

Secondly, and if you go with a more ergonomic alternative, you can choose to use a mat bag. The two issues with this alternative are the absence of air and accumulation of bugs and smell in the bag, and the higher budget it requires.


How Long Should a Yoga Mat Strap Be?

As a rule of thumb, a yoga mat carrying strap should be long enough to be carried over the shoulder. If it’s flexible, it’s a nice feature for it to become long enough to be carried at the back.
If we measure in inches, the standard strap should be 66 inches long.

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