June 20, 2021

8 Best designer yoga mat bag India 2021

Best designer yoga mat bag  India 2021

Yoga is well known through hundreds of years to achieve equal respect in other parts of world. With its profound roots in Asia from where it is spread, yoga is very conservative. With yoga not a lot is needed. All you need is a yoga mat and a designer yoga mat bag .Yoga is more than laying your yoga mat and breathing profoundly. It’s considered to build adaptability and dependability when done day by day.


Do you need a yoga mat bag?

1. Variety of designs

The yoga mat bag come in a lot of variety. They can be colorful to one with basic designs it just depends on your preferred design. I mean who doesn’t like carrying stylish designer yoga mat bag and looking your best.

2. Easy to carry

Yoga mat bag is effectively compact and can be carried anywhere. So regardless of whether you are voyaging you don’t have a pardon to pass up your exercise. These mat bag enables you to do yoga anywhere anytime. Yes! It’s a hassle-free solution. This is effectively the most habit-forming way of life to incorporate.

3. Dust protection

With really expensive yoga mat you need to take good care of them even.  Yoga bag keep your yoga mat safe. It will protect your mat from dust and dirt. To retain the life of yoga mat it is important it is kept in protection.

4. Protect from bacteria

The designer yoga mat bag with are made from breathable material. The air flow will allow the mat to be free from any sweat or accumulated bacteria. Without a yoga mat bag the mat is likely to be mistreated leading to bacteria formation.

With these benefits in mind, you need to get a yoga mat bag. When running to buy a yoga mat, make sure you have a good designer yoga mat bag for protection and a yoga belt with buckles.



Top 8 best designer yoga mat bag to buy India


1. Home Saundarya Printed Yoga Mat Bag Cover | Check on Amazon

Printed Yoga Mat Bag Cover


A very stylish printed designer yoga mat bag which has internal pockets. This designer yoga mat bag has thickness of 2mm to 10 mm and dimension up to 3 feet width and 6 feet high. It has strong gripping for carrying the yoga mat.


Internal pockets for storage

Size big enough to carry extra item

Cotton blended fabric


Limited color and design




2. Indian Craft Castle cotton Vintage Yoga Mat Bag | Check on Amazon

cotton Vintage Yoga Mat Bag


This colorful yoga mat bag is 66 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm. The most prominent feature of this yoga mat bag is it’s bright visual design. It also comes with pockets inside for storage which is a plus point too.


Appealing colorful design

Internal storage

Elastic fabric


Might look too fancy




3.Designer yoga mat bag with pocket | Check on Amazon

Designer yoga mat bag with pocket


This  mat bag is grey colored with colorful strip borders. It has special outer pockets to carry your phone or wallet and storage. This boho style looks fun to rock. It is combination of radiational Indian print and modern designer look


Zip pockets

Front storage


A bit Pricey




4. Anekaant YOG Canvas Yoga Mat Bag | Check on Amazon

Canvas Yoga Mat Bag


Floral ends is what makes is yoga  bag different from the rest out there in the market. This yoga mat bag is great for carry out and has a very basic design. Simple basic design makes it look elegant and graceful.


Multiple designs to choose from


Save your yoga accessories from getting wet.


Material used is canvas



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5. The house of tara handloom yoga mat bag designer | Check on Amazon

Handloom Yoga Mat Bag designer

Handloom Yoga Mat Bag designer


A delightful designer mat bag which is such an eye candy. It’s colorful tassel make them unique in this category of design. The tassel is stitched at the front away from straps. This unique design is not the only thing to look for. Cotton fabric straps make it  really comfortable to carry.


attractive tassel

Eye catching design

Big outer pocket


Struggle to fit extra-large mats




6. EBONY & IVORY Denim Yoga Mat Cover Bag | Check on Amazon


This rough and tough is perfect for clumsy people. It’s strong cotton denim fabric is double layered. Hence proving to be tear free and wear free. It the only yoga mat bag in market which comes with drawstrings instead of straps.


Zipper for safe closure

Polyester drawstrings for shoulder

Double fabric


Denim cotton is heavy




7. Strauss Yoga Mat Bag Full Zip | Check on Amazon

water proof yoga mat cover


Nylon bag which is extremely light to carry around. The fabric used with dry easily in case any spillage occurs. Has a zip closure for easy carriage.


Light weight fabric

Zip and extra storage available

Cheapest from all yoga bag


Delicate compared to other bags




8. KANYOGA Cotton Durable Yoga Mat Bags | Check on Amazon

cotton mat bags


An attractive design which will make you stand out from the crowd. This yoga bag has tassel as closer which accentuate its look. The cotton double lining makes it a really strong and sturdy bag for usage. The brand avoids usage of plastic and supports usage of all nature products.


Detachable inner pocket

Cotton lining

Attractive design


Small straps




Final verdict

The best way to keep your yoga mat and yoga accessories compact is a yoga bag. To make your hustle easier I have dig down some the best yoga mat bags in India. With this my list of highly recommended designer yoga mat bag you can become a trend setter. You can also check the review best yoga belt with buckle if your planning to buy yoga belt . Till then happy shopping for bag.

Till then Good luck!




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