September 28, 2020

Best Indoor Gardening Accessories India 2021

Best Indoor Gardening Accessories India 2021


1. TrustBasket Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure | BUY ON AMAZON


This compost is 100% organic, made from earthworm activities

  1. Compost are very important for plants
  2. It work like nutritious food for plants that you have to give them timely.
  3. This compost is 100% organic, made from earthworm activities
  4. It Improves Soil quality make soil rich for plants
  5. Compost also increases the immunity of plants
  6. This vermicompost is easy to use and you can put it anywhere in your house.
  7. The best part is compost never expires




2.Kisan Kraft Garden Pressure Spray Pump | BUY ON AMAZON

Garden Pressure Spray Pump


  1. You can use to spray neem oil to plants or just to clean the plants with water or you can spray water on to mirror, it has many uses
  2. This spray is made with a locking mechanism
  3. When you want to spray you can lock it and it will start spraying continuously.
  4. Just rotate the nozzle to change the spray type, it can throw liquid in showering style or in straight line
  5.  It will save your time & energy.
  6. You can hold it comfortably as it is made of antiskid material



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3. Kraft Seeds Trowel  Best Indoor Gardening Accessories I BUY ON AMAZON


  1. As you can see in the picture, Trowel is made of metal and a scoop shaped tool used in gardening.
  2. It is used for digging small holes in sand which is used planting or removing weed.
  3. Its height 6.5-inch long excluding the handle plus plastic handle extra.
  4. Its plastic handle is make good grip, and very comfortable.
  5. It is made up of very good quality material & also very durable
  6. This is most important & Best Indoor Gardening Accessories




4. Kraft Seeds Pruning Shear Cutter I BUY ON AMAZON


  1. Cutting Stems is also necessary, so that’s why it is in list of tools for gardening
  2. This cutter is made of polished iron which can cut small & big branches with ease
  3. This will give you a great comfort to your hands because the handle is made of very good quality material.
  4. The cutter’s clade is 9cm & its handle is 9.5 cm long.



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5. Sharpex Telescopic Metal Rake I BUY ON AMAZON


  1. The stick is very long so you don’t have to bend while cleaning your garden.
  2. The head of the rake is 21.1 inch wide so that you clean the garden very fast.
  3. Rake is made of high quality steel, so it strong & light weight also
  4. You can also change the head size from 21.1 inch to 7.1 inch



6. YUVAGREEN Terrace Gardening  Grow Bag I BUY ON AMAZON


  1. These grow bags can be used for Terrace Gardening, kitchen gardening, or in balcony
  2. These grow bags are very thick & UV stabilized.
  3. They can survive both hot & cold conditions
  4. You can grow all types of vegetable plant, flowering plants, best suitable for leafy vegetables.
  5. Its height is 38 cm & width is 38cm long & you can use it for 5-6 years




7. YUVAGREEN Plastic Watering Can I BUY ON AMAZON


  1. It is a 5 litre plastic water can, one of most important tool in home gardening
  2. It is suitable for indoor gardeners or people whose garden is small or mid-sized
  3. The product easy to use no extra attachments or adjustments comes with attached shower head
  4. Comfortable gripping and high plastic quality make it durable.




8. TrustBasket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand I BUY ON AMAZON


  1. These are the stands for to puts pot which increase the beauty of house
  2. It can easy handle the weight upto 20-25 kg
  3. It comes on rectangular shape with 8 legs for the best balance
  4. The stand is made of high quality metal material & powder coated plaint that avoid rusting.
  5. PRODUCT DIMENSION: Product Height – 9.5 cm, Product breadth – 22.5 cm and Product Length – 61 cm



So, these are the Best Indoor Gardening Accessories, personally use by my family, so thought to create a post on it, hope you’ve liked it


Tips for home gardening

Maintaining a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. But due to space problems, having a beautiful garden becomes difficult. Instead, you can have a balcony or terrace garden with plants in beautiful pots. Your balcony look beautiful and you will also feel relaxed and fresh

Most randomly pick a plant & start planting it, in any spot in any area, plant have their condition, some plants grow on winter season, some does not grow area hot area.

Before starting home gardening, you should check your location you are living in & what kind of plant suits your location. Check plant’s requirement like water need, temperature they grow inn, etc.


Sunlight and Shade

Check how much sunlight your garden is getting before you decide what plant  you want to plant. Most vegetable plants require between 6 and 10 hours of sunlight every day. And some crops, such as citrus trees, such as Lemon, Oranges need intense sunlight.

Crops that doesn’t require direct sunlight &grow well in shade are

  • kiwi
  • Mushrooms
  • Mints
  • Potatoes
  • Ajvayan (Celery)
  • Tulsi (Basils)


Soil Type

There are majorly 3 type of Soil sandy, clay & loamy, soil determines how well & healthy your plant will grow. To check what type soil you have, take some wet soil in your hand & try to make a ball. If the soil does not taking any shape then it is sandy. Soil that taking shape easily and stays tight is clay soil, and soil that forms a loose ball is loamy.

Loamy soil is best for home gardening that can hold the plant & also provide good drainage. If your soil type is clay or sandy then you can compost (khaad) & coco peat to make it plant friendly.


Container Gardening

Container gardening means planting plants in Pot (ghamla) It is very to grow plants in container compare to grounds. Since You can easily make a good healthy soil by adding compost & coco peat in soil. You can easily remove weeds, it’s easier to protect your plants from heat or from animals. Container gardening is very good who living in Flats who don’t have their own garden.


Unwanted Items

Don’t buy unwanted fancy things that looks cool online or in any shop, many of these items are useless. For example, peat pots or any type special grow container you can grow plant in any container even in cold drink bottle or in a keventers bottle.

What things are required is also depends on what & where you are growing, but for mostly home gardeners, the requirement hand trowels, cutter, fertilizers, Pot, & a spray can, & gloves these are very basic requirement.

Check the above list of Best Indoor Gardening Accessories


Adequate Knowledge

Be smart about gardening, growing a plant is not easy if you don’t have correct knowledge about the plant species, increase you knowledge from google & YouTube.

For example when to cultivate plants, when to cut, how many time you should water it some crops like Lady finger taste good when they are small in size.

Knowing when to plant a seed is also important, like September or October is the perfect time to seed cauliflower


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