August 24, 2020

Best Solar Light for Home Outdoor in India 2021

Best Solar Light for Home Outdoor in India 2021


1. Hardoll Motion Sensing Solar Light for Home Outdoor  I BUY ON AMAZON


  • The Security Solar LED light that produce 650 lumens for large area
  • Motion sensing light that auto on when motion detected & off when there is nothing
  • Its sensors motion detecting range is 180 degree at height of 30 feet
  • Light turn will turn up to 600 times when it is motion sensing mode
  • Made of heavy duty ABS plastic & aluminum so that it will last for years
  • IP44 rating, it protects against moisture, rain and water from any direction
  • Install LED solar light and solar panel separately at home, so that you can position lamp where you need light
  • And solar panel at a distance, where you can get  direct sun.




2. Hardoll Disk Shaped Solar Solar Light for Home Outdoor I BUY ON AMAZON


  • This is a small disc shape solar light for gardens or footpath
  • It is small in size & beautiful Solar Lights for Home
  • It has small solar panel at top of it, that automatically recharge battery during day time
  • This light has 5 different color, you can select which color you want
  • Totally waterproof as it has waterproofing protection of IP65
  • 1200 mah rechargeable battery that took 8 hours to fully recharge in sunlight



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3. Hardoll Solar String Ball Light I BUY ON AMAZON


  • It is solar power string ball shaped light for decoration, in your lawn, balcony
  • It look very beautiful and classy at night
  • Total 6 hours of charging time when in sunlight
  • Its color is warm white, suitable for any type of party
  • The full kit box includes the mounting spike, solar panel, and led lights
  • Light has sensor that auto switch on at night, also this small strings are waterproof
  • Also comes with the 6 months of company warranty




4. Bigsavings Solar Motion Sensor LED Light I BUY ON AMAZON


  • Most affordable Solar Light for Home Outdoor
  • It will automatically starts at nigh & automatically off at sunrise.
  • Light activates only when sensing motion at night.
  • The sensor will detect the motion 1-2 meter away with 120 degree angle.
  • Light is completely waterproof with IP65 rating.
  • Takes only 5-8 hours to fully charge in adequate sunlight
  • No wiring required, you just have to simply screw it on the wall that’s it
  • This acts as a security light.


These are the list top selling most reviewed Solar Light for Home Outdoor list, hope you liked it


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