August 12, 2020

Best UV Light Mosquito Killer in India 2021

Best UV Light Mosquito Killer in India 2021

PYXBE Eco Friendly Electronic LED UV Light Mosquito Killer

Are you annoyed of using regular mosquito, that create harmful smoke& smell in your home environment, & also these are very bad for small kids & can create headache. If you want to protect your family members from these harmful gases then this for you

Introducing the Eco friendly LED mosquito killer machine Trap Lamp, it release no smoke, no gas or any harmful substance, it just attract mosquito towards it




  1. This UV Light Mosquito Killer lamp can release the light wave of 365 NM in length that is specially designed for attracting mosquitoes.
  2. Working completely in physical mosquito eradication technique to kill mosquitoes.
  3. Turn off other room lights for better and fast result
  4. When the mosquito is close to the lamp, it will be sucked into the bottom by a strong suction like thing, killing mosquitoes in style.
  5. plug into 3 amp USB plug (otherwise it may not work) Compare with similar item



  • Easily kill mosquitoes- 365 nm bionic violet light increase the attraction
  • It has a built-in streamlined 360-degree suction fan
  • Easy to clean- remove the mosquito trap box with a simple twist
  • Easy to carry and save energy   
  • USB power supply
  • Can be used bedrooms, halls, hotels, offices, camping



Advantages of UV Light Mosquito Killer

There are variety of benefits using a trap to control mosquitoes

1. NO chemical or smoke.Mosquito traps, are like any other pet traps, these machines do not use any chemical or smoke or any gas to control insects. This quality make it totally safe for you & your family as no harmful chemicals or gas will be released into your home environment.

 2. Effective. These Traps are very effective, because they are noise and odor free, they attract mosquito without bringing any attention

 3. Environmentally friendly. These Traps use UV light as they use no ozone depleting gases, dangerous chemicals because of this quality they are Eco friendly and can be reused multiple times before they require replacement.

 4. Easy to use.Traps are very easy to use  you just have to switch it on that sit, no rocket science required


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With all these advantages, there is one downside to this as well:

If you have small child in your home, they will see the light try to go towards it, so try to keep it away from your kids while you are using it





This UV Light Mosquito Killer trap in the bedroom must be opened in advance (at least 3 hours). Do not switch on until bedtime. The effect is better in the uninhabited environment because people’s body temperature and smell are more attractive to mosquitoes.

This product uses the physical way to kill mosquitoes, it can’t kill a mosquito when just turning it on. Do not open the bottom tray immediately when you wake up because the mosquitoes trapped inside the tray may fly out.

Keep it on for 2 more hours so that the mosquitoes suffocate to death. For the trap to work effectively it should be placed far away from the fan because the air can through away mosquitoes and the lights in the room should be switched off to  kept the room dark as possible.



User Reviews

Mahesh Tripathi

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Eco-friendly mosquito killer lamp

Reviewed in India on 10 July 2020

Verified Purchase

After using several mosquito killers like sprays, bat, liquid etc, I decided to buy a mosquito killer lamp and buy this one. After using for a few days I am happy with this Eco-friendly mosquito killer lamp. No more poisoned spray or liquid in my room.

Anand Thawari

5.0 out of 5 stars innovative product

Reviewed in India on 8 August 2020

Verified Purchase

This Eco friendly mosquito trap is nice product. No harm from this device, I can use in my little baby nephews room.
No harmful gasses like electric mosquito killer and Machhar agarbatti. And it doesn’t consume more electricity. I can plug in with mobile charging adapter and can use with power bank.
It traps mosquito and bugs and flies also. Cleaning is simple. Product quality is also worth money.


5.0 out of 5 stars Happy sleep without any harm for the value of money

Reviewed in India on 7 August 2020

Verified Purchase

This Electronic Mosquito killing Machine is very fantastic product that I have ever seen. It kills the mosquitoes without any help of mosquito repellents or any liquids which may be harmful to our health by inhaling them, it kills only through the electronic fan fixed inside the machine.


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UV Light Mosquito Killer are safe ?

The following facts about UV light will help you feel more comfortable about using a UV light trap:

UV light mosquitoes killers are designed to provide the lowest maximum UVA output value possible but are very efficient attracting insect. Their overall output is low which doesn’t harm humans at all.

 Studies & research has shown that the suitable  range for attracting flying insects is at around 345 to 370nm and this is the same wavelength that is given in most of the  the UV light mosquitoes  killers. Many scientists who have studied this have agreed that 345-370 nm light wavelength is harmless to humans or even to your dogs & cat under normal conditions of use. Neither UVB, nor UVC are used in UV fly killers.


Attraction of Flies Towards Light

We all know that Flies and insects attracts towards light. Just take your own example when you use your mobile phone in dark room all the flies come near your phones light 

 Why flies are attracted to light There is no single scientific reasons that. There are many theories which give some a related explanation, they are:

  • Flies & insects see light as an emergency and a safety signal.
  • Insects & Flies use light to help with their navigation & moving activities
  • Flies & insects have a natural attraction to light

So, if you are looking for the machine  or anything that doesn’t harm you and your family health & at the same time kill insects then this machine is for you, do buy it


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