June 28, 2021

7 Best organic cotton yoga mat bag India 2021

7 Best Organic cotton yoga mat bag India 2021


Relaxation demands a serene and comfortable place to perform your yoga. What is your favorite place to go? No need to worry about transporting your yoga mat this season, Go Green and choose the organic cotton yoga mat bag.

Save your planet with the use of eco-friendly and biodegradable mat covers. The organic cotton yoga mat bag can help you carry the yoga mat with a water bottle, changing clothes, and other valuables too. 

No more fumbling with the yoga mat for the whole day. 

Let’s have a look at the top 7 organic cotton yoga mat bag available in the market to be at your doorstep. 


Top 7 organic cotton yoga mat bag available India


1. KANYOGA Cotton Exercise Yoga Mat Bag Cover | Check on Amazon

cotton mat bags


Carry your yoga mat bag with style and elegance! The beautiful embroidered “TREE OF LIFE” is simply stunning to grasp the attention of others at very first sight. What makes this more enduring is its tassels attached to the drawstring in an incredible way. Durability and functionality are a must when it comes to the organic cotton yoga mat bag.

KANYOGA Yoga mat bag is made up of top-notch quality cotton fabric that takes years to last. In addition to this, the shoulder straps are sturdy enough to hold the weight. This model has a detachable inner pocket to keep your small accessories such as keys, mobile phone, etc. 




2. Indian Craft Castle organic Yoga Mat Carry Bag | Check on Amazon

Printed Yoga Mat Bag Cover


Seeking a unique cotton-made yoga mat bag? I just found the Indian Craft Castle Vintage Yoga Mat Carry Bag extraordinary in terms of design, color scheme, and space. Multicolor vintage prints make you look classy. The bag is designed to hold the basic accessories of a yoga class. Good to go with an oversized yoga mat.

The zipper pocket keeps your day-to-day essentials secure and safe. The Full zipper design lets you access the yoga mat in a moment. Made up of 100% canvas, therefore it is a durable yoga mat bag. The 14-inches shoulder strap is perfect to hold the stuff comfortably. Grab this model to avail yourself of the full zipper convenience.




3. NETTIE Yoga mat cotton Bag | Check on Amazon

Yoga mat cotton Bag is made of quality natural material


Bringing your yoga essentials to the studio was never so easy.  NETTIE Yoga mat Bag fits the yoga mat of up to 5 mm thickness. The entire yoga mat bag is made up of premium-grade natural cotton material. It will never disappoint you in terms of performance. You can carry the stuff with confidence and without any hassle.

The reinforced base gives stable support and better strength. The thing that you would adore about this model is its washable fabric. You can wash it by hand or in the machine with a gentle cycle and mild soap. The only limitation of this model is its single color variation. Available in off-white color only. 




 4. Svech Natural Cork Zip Cover Carry Bag | Check on Amazon

Natural Cork Zip Cover Carry Bag

Eco Friendly Durable Premium Yoga Mat Zip Cover Carry Bag with Strap and Additional Pocket Storage Area


All-natural! An eco-friendly and biodegradable cork is used in the entire manufacturing of this model. On the basis of its sturdy look and feel, I must say Svech Natural Cork Zip Cover Carry Bag is the perfect “yoga mat bag for boys”. The design is functional and quick. The full zipper closure gives you access to the yoga mat in a moment.

The yoga cover has adequate space to accommodate the yoga belt with buckle as well. The yoga mat bag has an outer additional pocket to keep your keys, mobile phone, and other accessories. Moreover, it has a shoulder strap that can be worn on one shoulder or sideways. The best part about this bag is that the natural cork base is stable. You will not face any issues like slipping, curl, or folding. 




5. Ryan Overseas Smart Cotton Yoga Mat Bag | Check on Amazon

Overseas Smart Cotton Yoga Mat Bag in red color



Exclusive Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag! This model is an absolute choice for stylish people. The embroidery on the handle and embossed star makes it look amazing. The compartment organization of this model is quite different from other models in our yoga mat buying guide. It has a main compartment with full zipper closure to keep thick yoga rugs.

In addition to this, it has a small inside pocket to hold a smartphone. Along with this, Ryan Overseas Smart Cotton Yoga Mat Bag has an outer pocket to keep handy accessories like hands-free or keys. The velcro closure of the outer pocket keeps your stuff secure all day. You can use this bag for travel purposes. Made up of pure cotton to accommodate any size of yoga mats. 




6. Aakrutii  Tree Pose  Yoga Bag | Check on Amazon


yoga bag mat is perfect for standard-size yoga mats


This mat bag has a laser-cut “TREE POSE” design to carry it on your shoulder with style. The layout of this model is specially designed for yoga lovers. The closure style is the tassels hanging to elevate the look and feel of the entire mat bag. The sturdy shoulder strap holds the weight with balance. Aakruti yoga bag mat is perfect for standard-size yoga mats.

This model has a small pocket to keep the keys and mobile. Just like other models, the mat cover is made up of eco-friendly cotton fabric. The stitching lines are clean and up to the mark. It is good for daily use. The inside overlock enhances the durability and lifespan. 




7. Eco Corner  yoga bag | Check on Amazon


ecofriendly   yoga bag with printed poses


Yes, it is completely biodegradable and a cotton-made yoga mat bag. The designer yoga mat bag is iconic and defines the purpose of use at the first sight. The yoga postures imposed on the mat cover are cute and unique. It is hard to find such an amazing state-of-the-art piece. The “My Yoga Mat” words depict the confidence in your personality.

 Grasp this model due to its trendy, stylish look.  The attraction doesn’t end yet, the zipper closure gives you access to the yoga mat in a movement. The shoulder strap is sturdy to carry the load. The cotton-made yoga mat is machine washable with cold water and mild soap. It can easily fit large size 





The use of biodegradable products is what our mother planet needs more than before.

Organic mat bags will not only help you to fulfil your needs but also protect the landfills. Why not invest in the organic cotton yoga mat bag to carry our yoga stuff to the yoga studio. The editor choice is KANYOGA Cotton Exercise Yoga Mat Bags/Cover due to its beautiful printed design and functionality. 

Carry your yoga stuff securely in a yoga mat cover. 


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